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Full Fashion Seamed Stockings Nylon Backseam Thigh High

Full fashion Nylon stockings
possess its own harmonious geometrical design which enhances woman's leg.
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The most distinctive characteristic of a full fashion seamed stocking is the reinforced heel, which reaches up the Achilles heel.


Some seamed pantyhose, as well as some stockings imitating full fashion stockings by the means of a mock seam also imitate the reinforced heel. But all doubt is removed by a simple examination of the calf. Full fashion stockings are knitted flat, and the two sides are united afterwards by a seam up the back.

The 2 lines of individual stitches resulting from the full fashion knitting technique are visible to the naked eye on the calf as well as the thigh above. For technical reasons the seam is not 'closed' in one of the folds in the welt. This forms the typical circle or 'keyhole' at the back of the top of the thigh.

The teeny-tiny pleats of the ankle and knee are the proof of the gossamer sheerness and sparkling transparency of the Crystal Nylon knit. For each pair of stockings you will find two numbers. One indicates the sheerness of the thread expressed in Deniers (the lower is the number the thinner is the thread) the other the tightness of the weave in Gauge (the higher is the number the tighter the weave is).
There remain only a few mills in the world which still make fully-fashioned stockings. Full hashion stockings are very rare due the complex stocking machinery required (the same as the ones used in the 50's).
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Stay Up Stockings Pin-up Rockabilly Design Thigh High

The french brand LOVE ME has developed a concept which centres on hold up / stay up thigh high stockings. Please use this link to visit our collection of trendy Design Seamed Stockings
Wearing hold ups means you feel seductive and sexy whatever you are doing, without giving anything away.
You decide whether to play the femme fatale or ingenue, as the occasion dictates!

Designs are exclusive or signature creations, often produced as a limited edition, items created by a French design studio.

Soft, hard wearing knits, designer seams, careful finishing, high quality materials that are always comfortable to wear the perfect complement to any woman, be she suggestive or demure.

Two complementary ranges, PIN UP and MANGA, offer high fashion styling at opposite
ends of the spectrum. Whether your style is chic or hip, finding the footwear to match is no longer a problem!

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